Finding Fortress in Seoul


It was a travel that I planned way ahead with one of my closest friend. We have been dreaming to visit the land of kpop and Korean dramas for years and it has come to an end. We will be able to go there already.

We have booked our tickets and hotel. We secured our visa and have prepared the necessary things, but a dreadful event happened that almost changed my mind and to almost decide not to push with this travel. With some push from friends and relatives I decided to go on. It might help me ease the pain of losing someone and found fortress in Seoul.

Korea was a country that has so much to offer. You will love its culture and the people living in it. It is not costly to travel to Korea as what people say but it’s definitely how you handle your stay. Most of the attractions are free and reasonable.

Below is our simple Itinerary. It was a 5days/4Nights adventure

Day 1 

  • Arrived at Hotel – Korstay @ Mokdong
  • Went to Myeondong (Shopping area of Beauty Products) If you want to buy Korean Beauty Products definitely go here

Day 2

  • Visited LDS Church at Yeongdeungpo-gu
  • Visited Namsan Tower (Walking distance from Myeondong) (Buy the round trip ticket its much cheaper) 8500 KWN
  • Visited Sungnyemun Gate (Namdaemun Gate) – You can go here passing through the Namdaemun Market, if you like to buy souvenirs at an affordable price go here (^^) you can search the place
  • Went to Visit the Lantern Festival at (Supyogyo Bridge). It better to plan your trip with the intention of going to their Festivals. You can check South Korea Events. 
  • Visited Mapo Bridge

Day 3

  • Visited Gwanghwamun Gate and Square
  • Visit Gyeongbokgung Palace (3000 Won)

Tip: There is an Integrated Palace ticket @ 10000 Won but since the other palace is closed when we visited we opted to visit this only

** Outside the palace you can rent Hanbok (we got ours for 20000 won valid for 3 hours) but you can go near the hanok village there are shops that you could rent it for almost the whole day with the same price (^^)

  • Visit Bukchon Hanok Village
  • Visit Insa dong
  • Visit Itaewon Antique Furniture Street

Tip: There is a thrift store along the road of Itaewon, my friend was able to bought chucks for only 150php

  • Visit Hello Kitty Cafe

Day 4 

  • Visit Gangnam Square
  • Visit Dalkomm Coffee
  • Visit Kyobo (Biggest)
  • Back to Myeongdong and Nam Daemun Market ( we opted to buy beauty products and souvenirs instead of going to Nami Island And Lotte Amusement Park)

Tips Tips Tips for budgeted trip

  • We opted to eat on streets and 7 eleven and gs25 convenience store
    • Buy T Money (saves all the hassle) you can use  it for transpo, food and etc.
    • Most of the attractions are free
    • Lotte Amusement Park is at around 2000php entrance/day tour
    • Nami Island there is a package at our hotel offered at around 50000won

I spent almost 28K Php for this trip, all in with the airfare and hotel(including my beauty products and souvenirs ) 

Booked Flight via Airasia – Not on Sale 11698k/pax

Booked Hotel via Airbnb – Korstay in Mokdong 3k/pax

Happy Travel 🙂


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